Flash Book

Time estimate provided but it depends on the placement! Flash pieces can only be done once unless indicated otherwise.Price quotes are subject to change based on placement and final size on the day of the appointment.


What subjects do you do?
Spooky illustrative. Here is a list of what I would like to do more of in the future:
» Girls - Heads/Waist/Full Body (monster girls, insect girls, cyber punk girls, whimsical girls, etc)
» Witchy things (candles, skulls, candles & skulls, potions, botanical concoctions, etc)
» Eyes (all done in my style! Based off of characters, custom ideas, etc)
» Spooky botanical (darker style leaves+flowers, think creepy delicate
» Small anime pieces (screenshots 1.5-4in)
» Large anime pieces (screenshots 4-5in+ in size, panels can be done in my style or as is)
Do you do small tattoos?
Yes! We'll work together to determine the best size for your piece. Pieces can generally be done at your preferred size but detailed manga screenshots may need to be sized up or have details removed to accommodate.
I also do script and other simple fineline pieces! Please feel free to ask for more information.
What placements will you not do?
I do not do behind the ear/ear, feet, genitals, or face tattoos. I take rib/torso tattoos on a case by case basis. They are very strenuous on my back unfortunately! Rib/torso pieces will be priced higher in order to account for this.
Do you do cover ups?
Sometimes, yes! With coverups, it is better to go into these pieces with lots of freedom for the design. Some ideas may not work for the piece or the placement so I ask that you work with me and are open to suggestions.
Can I use numbing cream?
Absolutely. Be sure to do the correct research to make sure the numbing cream is for tattoos and not for laser and please let me know beforehand.
Numbing cream hardens the skin slightly so it may take more time to complete your tattoo. Numbing cream made for laser can completely harden the skin and make it so that ink will NOT go into the skin so make sure you get the right one.
Numbing cream usually lasts for around 2-3 hours and must be applied at least 1 hour before the appointment.
It is absolutely possible to split up a tattoo into multiple 2hr sessions to account for this!
What is your touch up policy?
For my custom designs and flash pieces booked through me, I offer free touch ups within 6 months of the original appointment date. After that, touch ups are a flat $30 each time to cover equipment costs.
Tattoos booked through Flow Tattoo have a 60 day window for a free touch up. After that, touch ups are a flat $80 to cover equipment costs.Are tips necessary?
They are never necessary but are very much so welcome! 100% of the tips go to me (the shop does not take a cut) so they are always appreciated.
I also love other forms of tips like food, things, etc! I generally love strawberry flavoured things :3c I love plushies ohmygod I can never have enough. I love cats, bunnies, wolves, and I love video games (namely Destiny, Cyberpunk, and Stardew Valley.
Again, there is absolutely no obligation to provide a monetary tip, I love even just getting a little card!


If you were given second skin:Remove the bandage after 4-5 days.
To remove, pull as gently as possible as you can away from you. It is easiest to remove it after taking a shower as the steam and water will help it come off.
Rinse gently with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean paper towel.
Avoid any activities that make you sweat when you still have the second skin on. Moisture will accumulate beneath the bandage and can cause an infection.
After removing the second skin, you may exercise; be sure to fully disinfect any gym equipment before use and rinse/wash your tattoo immediately after finishing your workout.

If you were given saran wrap:Remove the saran wrap around 3-4 hours after receiving the tattoo or once you get home.
Rinse with lukewarm water and use a very small amount of unscented soap. Pat dry with paper towel.
Rinse twice daily with lukewarm water and moisturize with pea-sized amount of unscented moisturizer.Do not wear tight clothing or expose the tattoo to any allergens, pets, wandering hands, germs, etc. Do not handle tattoo unless hands are thoroughly washed.

Wash twice each day; once in the morning and once at night.
Use a small amount of unscented soap and rub GENTLY to cleanse your tattoo. I recommend using DIAL Gold or Cetaphil. Try to avoid using a soap bar as germs can accumulate very easily on this surface.
Use a small (no larger than a pea size amount) of unscented moisturizer and pat it gently into your skin. I recommend using Lubriderm as it is light enough to be absorbed and does not leave any residue.
Do not pick, itch, scratch, etc. at the tattoo. If it is peeling, do not pull at the bits of skin. Leave and let them fall off naturally.
Avoid any activities that make you sweat when you still have the second skin on. Moisture will accumulate beneath the bandage and can cause an infection.
Avoid exposing the tattoo to any sun when it is healing. After it is fully healed, apply sunscreen to keep it protected.
Do not take any baths or submerge yourself in bodies of water. These are cesspools of germs for your tattoo and can cause infections. Please wait until tattoo is fully healed before taking baths or going swimming.

Hi! My name is Chai.
Thank you so much for your interest in booking with me.
If you have general questions, you can reach out through email at [email protected], or through the form below. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!
I look forward to working with you in the future!